Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Model: K 2513

Working area: 2500mm * 1300mm

laser Power: 300 / 500W

Cutting thickness: Up to 2mm stainless steel, 4mm carbon steel (300W)

Up to 3mm stainless steel, 6mm carbon steel (500W)

Working Table: Saw tooth

Maximum Idle Running Speed: 30m/min

Position Accuracy: + 0.05mm/m

Position Speed: 10m/min

Minimum Line Width: + 0.02mm/m

Control System: Professional laser control system – Cypcut

Power Consumption of whole: < 9KW / < 15KW

Working Life of Fiber Module: 1,00,000 hours

Fiber Laser Source: Raycus

Fiber Laser cutting Head: China Brand / Laser Mech (USA)

Drive & Motor: Servo Motors X-Y-Z

Whole Machine Weight: 2500 KGS

Working Voltage: 200V/50Hz or 60HZ

Auxiliary Gas for Cutting: Oxygen, Nitrogen

Whole Machine Size (L x W x H) 3700mm x 2000mm x 1500mm

Whole box Package: 4200mm x 2210mm x 1700mm

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine