K 4000 Channel Letter Bending Machine

Technical Parameters

  1. Automatic feed, automatic notch, automatic bend fully automatic CNC processing technology of 16 axis is linkage, fully achieve the machine multi-function and automatically.
  2. Processing of stainless steel word, resin word and metal word.
  3. Curved arc adopt alternating bending mode, which improves the accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Automatic slot to drive screw slot by twin screw thumb.
  5. Using the upgraded version of the stepper motor control, high stability and fast speed.
  6. Compatible the DXF/AI file format, support many software like ARTCAM, CASMATE, TYPE3, CORELDRAW, ILLUSTRATOR, FLEXISIGN, ENROUTER etc., and perfectly match with the engraving machine, Plasma cutting machine and laser cutting machine.
  7. Automatically identify graphics inside and outside, automatic calculate the length of each segment, choose any point to start and end, so convenient to make the channel letter.
  8. Adjust the slot depth by computer, no need manual adjustment, more efficient.
  9. Machine size : 1400mm x 800mm x1950mm
  10. Power Supply : AC220V
  11. Net weight : 380KG
  12. Pressure : 0.3-0.6mpa
  13. Machine Power : 1500w
  14. The minimum diameter : 15mm
  15. The minimum bending radius : R=5cm
  16. The minimum distance and angle : 5mm
  17. Precision : 0.05mm
  18. Slot degree 45-135 (no limit for flat material)
  19. Material Stainless Steel (Width 10mm-100mm)
    (Thickness 0.3mm-1.2mm)