Material: Alloy, Iron plat,

Material width : 30mm-120mm

Material Thickness : 0.4mm to 1.0mm

Used Power : 0.9kw

Voltage : AC220V,50HZ

Size : 1450mmX800mmX1200mm

Weight : 120kg

Motor : Best stepper motor with better stability

Precision : 0.05mm

Cutting/Bending way : Double side cutting and bending

Input file format : dxf , ai

Feeding speed : 60mm/s (it takes only 48 seconds to finish a letter “S” of 30cm)

Materials : Aluminum alloy,iron plate, and special aluminum for liquid acrylic

The angle of cutting : 45°-135°

The min bending arc diameter : 15mm

Roller : Rubber roller for feeding; copper roller for bending, which can protect the surface of material and make finished letter more beautiful

K 1000